Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On Tuesday, September 11th, 0847 am EDT- at the beginning of a new day of infamy....a little girl was born.
9/11 will always mean balloons & cake & presents to her. Barbie pink, High School Musical and Happy Birthday will be remembered. She will always be the princess on that day. There will be smiles and singing and laughter on her day.
On 9/11 she will be Sweet 16, and the belle of the ball.
9/11 will be the day she gets her drivers license, her 1st legal beer- maybe a tattoo.
9/11 will be the day she goes from her carefree 20's to her adult 30's.
Her little girl or boy will wreck her kitchen on 9/11, attempting to make some very bad waffles & burnt toast served in bed. (Their dad will do clean up duty)
That's the day I will try to remember, without forgetting the rest.
god bless- skwerl

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